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Is there any mention of the previous birth of Rishi Markandeya?

Does any scripture mentions about the previous birth of Rishi Markandeyaji?
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Which Purana talks about the incident of Lord Shiva saving The Sage Markandeya?

There is this popular story that Sage Markandeya was saved from death by Lord Shiva. Does any one know the source of this account? In which Purana is this described? As far as I know there is no ...
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How rishi markandeya can be the composer of Mahamrityunjay mantra?

If Mahamrityunjay mantra was described in Vedas very before then why it was said that it was composed by rishi markandeya? Does it was added later in the puranas to highlight this mantra?
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In which Kalpa did Markendya's story take place?

We had read about the sage Markendaya story where Lord Shiva saves the 16-year old boy from Yama and blessed him with immortality. Do we have any reference to which Kalpa, Mahayuga, Manvantra it ...
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What is the story of Vishnu appearing to sage Markandeya in Thiruvidanthai?

The Alwars (also spelled Azhwars) are a group of 12 ancient Vaishnava saints who lived in Tamil Nadu and are famous for their poetry in praise of Vishnu. The Alwars are crucially important figures in ...
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