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Who are Saptamatrikas?

Who are Saptamatrikas? Where we can find the first reference of Saptamatrikas in our scripture? What is the significance of Saptamatrika worship? Please provide references directly from primary ...
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What are the Matrikas exactly?

Say for example, if I say the word “Narayana”, as such, there is no problem. But if I chant “Om Namo Narayana” which is a mantra, in the absence of Diksha, it may be a problem(death and permanent ...
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Do we have a Trishati Namavali for Varahi?

Do we have Trishathi Namavali (a stotra consisting of 300 names) for Varahi? I heard it's there in "Uddamaresha Tantra" (not Uddamareshvara Tantra). If anyone can provide any information it will be ...
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References to the Kaumari form of Devi

Kaumari is considered as one of the Sapta Matrikas (7 forms of Divine Mother). She is also associated with the Kanya Kumari form of Devi. The references to the Kaumari form of Devi are found in - ...
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Who is Goddess Shyamala?

Goddess Shyamala is worshipped by the Tamils in Batam, Indonesia. Can someone give me her story? Does it have any scriptural basis or is it a folklore?
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