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Do the Vedas prohibit idol worship?

It is a very controversial thing about this verse along the religious websites, especially non-Hindu websites, they claim that idol worship is prohibited in Hinduism. They are arguing with this verse. ...
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What is the definition of Veda?

What is the definition of Veda? I listen to the following two lines but could not understand. And like to know. "to know" is Veda. How? "Veda is Akhand" what does it mean?
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Which path of liberation does the name "bhavana gamya" belongs to?

There are four names in Lalitha Sahastranaamas that ends with the word gamya. They are 113 : Bhavana gamya --- She who can be attained by bhavana 119 : Bhakthi gamya --- She who can be reached by ...
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What is meant by Kavacha?

There are Kavachas for several gods and goddess. Is it a mantra? If yes, then which mantras falls into the category of Kavacha? If no, then what is the exact (scriptural) definition for Kavacha?
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Sanskrit references for the usage of the word varna for a given sense

The word Varna has been used by scriptures in different senses/meanings based on the context. This question is restricted to the usage of Varna in Humans only. I know at least five senses: Varna ...
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