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Are there any stotras that i can recite without following a vegetarian diet

I have a health condition that keeps me from being a vegan. I have to consume animal protein almost everyday in moderation. But my consumption of meat etc interferes with my daily recitation of ...
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I have heard meat when offered to Gods or pitrus removed the sin of eating it. How can we do it ritual procedure and if there are any books on it

Namaskaram. So as I said in above statement in today's world I can't offer a whole goat or a hen to god's like narasimha or Kali. I have to get it from meat shop and offer it. The reason why I'm ...
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Are there any temples of Vishnu or certain forms of Vishnu where he is worshipped with animal sacrifices?

Recently, I came across the following reference from Varaha Purana (A Vaisnava Purana), where Varaharoopi Bhagavana Vishnu approves of animal sacrifice and meat offerings of certain kinds in his ...
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What are the rules to eat non-veg?

What are the rules to eat non-veg ? In which shastra this rules where listed ?
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Why do many Hindus eat meat and fish? Eating meat and fish directly violates the principle of Ahimsa

Ahimsa is one of the Yamas of the Vedic religion. My question is why do so many Hindus eat meat and fish? Eating meat and fish directly violates the principle of Ahimsa.
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Is meat eating allowed? [duplicate]

I am on a quest to understand religions more deeply. I have one simple question that is meat eating allowed in Hinduism? Are there any instances mentioned in any of the scriptures which talk about ...
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Can Shudras and Chandalas eat meat?

Brahmins are allowed to eat meat under some circumstances, while the other twice born castes too are allowed to eat meat under such and such circumstances, so where do Shudras and Chandalas stand here?...
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