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Want more details on Devata khanda sutra by kasakrtsna

It is clear that the complete mimansa was supposed to be not comprised of just two mimamsas (purva and uttara) but three mimamsas (add to the list the devata khanda sutras by kasakrtsna), but the ...
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Did adi shankara refuted Mimamsa's claim on Brahman's Omniscience?

Did adi shankara debated with mimamsa scholar are refuted them on Brahman Omniscience. Because mimamsa doesn't believe in Brahman or if they believe they do not believe Brahman alone exist or he is ...
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How are the Nitya Srauta Yajnas like Agnihotra done while travelling?

According to Srutis once someone kindles the Tretagni must perform the Agnihotra and the fortnightly Darsapurnameshti homas daily till the death of either husband or wife or till sannyasa. My ...
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How does mimamsa explain the existence of humans?

How does mimamsa explain the existence of humans. Do they take the verses about manu literary or do they believe that humans came after evolution. Or Do mimamsa believes that humans existed co-...
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