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Does the puranas say that the moon is bigger than the sun?

Does Brahmanda purana 2.21.8 claim the moon is bigger than the sun in size
1 vote
2 answers

Bhagavatam 5/20/13 translation

The verse '5/20/13' in BHAGAVATAM purport states that there are flames on the moon. Is there any other explanation of this verse or if not does it contradict the fact that moon has no flames?
6 votes
2 answers

Relation between manas and moon

I heard several times that according to Jyotish, the moon is related to manas. Which scripture talks about it? Did any scripture tell about the relation in detail?
6 votes
1 answer

What phase of moon is represented by crescent on the head of Bhagwana Shiva?

As discussed in Why lord Shiva has a crescent moon on his head? and Why is Moon on Lord Shiva's head only shown as crescent?, we know that a crescent is always shown on head of Shiva. It's not a full ...
7 votes
1 answer

Why does the half-moon symbolize timelessness in Hinduism?

I've often seen Lord Shiva with 'half-moon' on his head which, I was told, as the timelessness of Lord Shiva; meaning Lord Shiva is beyond 'time' or he's the master of time and space as per Hindu ...
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Conjunction of Moon and Rahu in all birth charts

I heard from several sources that moon and Rahu are enemies. Is it true in astrology in general? If yes, what can be the consequences if a person has conjunction of Moon and Rahu in the three birth ...