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What are the morning, afternoon and evening times for prayer?

As per scriptures, what are the morning (pratah kaal), afternoon (madhyahn kaal) and evening (sandhya kaal) times for prayers? When do they begin and when do they end? I am not asking for astrological ...
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Brahmamuhurtha and time zone

Brahmamuhurta is a 48-minute period (muhurta) that begins one hour and 36 minutes before sunrise, and ends 48 minutes before sunrise. Brahmamuhurtha is considered as auspicious time for all practices ...
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Are there any general tithis considered auspicious for buying any materialistic item?

My friend says krishna paksha is not desirable to buy a new item like a phone or car or laptop. Rather shukla paksha is better. Further, new moon is to be avoided as friend say. Is this true as per ...
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Is the period of one muhurta fixed, and what is the ghatika which is mentioned in panchanga?

Muhurta is considered approximately 48 minutes. But it is determined as 1/30 of the day, so if the length of the day is changing will the period of muhurta also change? Also, panchanga mentions ghati ...
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What are the most appropriate times of day to perform puja to lord Vishnu?

I read that the most appropriate time for puja for Lord Shiva is Arunodaya muhurta, that Nishita muhurta is the time to perform puja for the goddess Lakshmi, and that the best time to perform puja for ...
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Choghadiya for extreme places like Antarctica

Since the Choghadiya are based on Sunrise and Sunset for each day, how are they calculated for extreme places like Antarctica where the sun doesn’t set for 6 months?
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Why there are many wedding at night?

What is actually a reason behind having a wedding at late night? Is it because of better muhurta? or is there any historical or cultural reason or it is based on some scriptural advice? Please do not ...
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