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mukti or mukhti (Sanskrit: "liberation") is deliverance from the samsara (cycle of birth and death). The condition of freedom from ignorance (avidyâ) and the binding effect of karma. Liberation from material existence. See: moksha.

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Is Moksha a permanent state?

In Bhagavat Geeta (Chapter 9 Verse 7), it is said that the Jeevas are created at the start of Kalpa, and this cycle keeps on repeating for-ever. This implies that the Mukti or Moksha is not a ...
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How can one know which path among karma, bhakti and jnana is suitable for him?

The few known ways to reach god are bhakthi marga, karma marga, gnana (jnana) marga & yoga marga. How one can know the best way which suits to him? Are there any references? For this ...
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Which Āstika schools mention the different types of Muktis?

Which Āstika schools mention these different types of muktis: Sārūpya, Sālokya, Sārṣṭi, Sāmīpya, Sāyujya, Viśate, Kaivalya, Moksha Are there more types of muktis in āstika schools? Which types of ...
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Is mukthi possible from world's other than bhuloka(ie. From swarga and naraka)

In bhuloka, it is possible to achieve mukthi by doing several Sadhana. When we go to naraka or swarga, our sukshma Sarira(subtle body) will be there only sthoola Sarira(Gross body) is dropped during ...
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How many types of mukti are there?

I would like to know how many types of mukti are there. Also, is mukti the same thing as moksha? If not, what is the difference between those two? If there are different types of mukti, is any type ...
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Why jivan mukthas won't do dharma with mental effort only?

This question should be answered based on Advaitha only. There are many jivan mukthas across scriptures who carried out their profession: Rama, Krishna, Vasishta, Vyasa, Suka, Vishwamitra, Lila, ...
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