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Nāgá or नाग are group of serpents who are children of Sage Kashyapa and Kadru. Prominent among the Nagas are Adisesha, the elder one and bed for Lord Vishnu and Vasuki which is wrapped around neck of Lord Shiva.

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2 answers

Does Hinduism Say Anything About Snake People, Reptilians, or Snake/Reptilian Like Enities?

Are there any references to reptilian-like entities in Hinduism? Are they friend or foe, what kind of acts have they committed, etc.
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Which Hindu Scriptures provides knowledge about Nagamani(Cobra Pearl)?

I have heard many people saying Nagamani is obtained from a naga type of snake and my questions are as follows: 1) What are the rules for a snake to give nagamani? 2) What happens when the snake ...
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Why is Lord Ganesha depicted with a snake around his belly?

Lord Ganesha is always seen with a snake wrapped around his big fat belly.According to the Ganesha Purana,the serpent Vasuki is wrapped around his neck. Other depictions of snakes include use as a ...
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Why do Hindus feed milk to snakes?

I have seen a lot of times in temples that priests offer milk to snake idols. What is the reason behind it? Do snakes really drink milk?
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In what text(s) is the Naga gayatri mantra found?

Various sites on the internet list some variation on the naga gayatri mantra, such as the following: ōṁ navakulāye vidhmahe viśadantāye dhīmahi tanno sarpa pracodayāt I've been unable to ...
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Babruvahana in Mahabarata

Babruvahana was a son of Arjun and Chitrangada who ends up killing his own father with an arrow. Uloopi the step mother of Babruvahana used a gem to bring Arjuna back to life. I want to know how ...
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What good deeds saved Taksaka from Sarpa Yajna?

Kadru cursed her children Sarpas/Nagas that they would be killed in Janmejaya's Sarpa Yajna. Later Lord Brahma modified the curse a bit that only evil would be killed. But Taksaka seems to be evil ...
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