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Nāgá or नाग are group of serpents who are children of Sage Kashyapa and Kadru. Prominent among the Nagas are Adisesha, the elder one and bed for Lord Vishnu and Vasuki which is wrapped around neck of Lord Shiva.

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Reason for friendship between Indra and Takshaka

Takshaka and Indra are friends as per Mahabharata Khandava Vana burning episode. Is there any specific reason for their friendship?
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Where is the island called Ramaniyak (mentioned in the story of Garuda) located?

Section XXVI of the Astika Parva of Mahabharata mentions the incident of Garud and his mother Vinata carrying snakes and their mother Kadru to an island called Ramaniyaka. The next section describes ...
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What is the History of Nāgavaṃśa? Is there any mention of them in the Puranas or other texts?

A lot of jati-s claim descent from the Naga-s, I wanted to know more about their History
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What was Karna's Nagastra?

In the Mahabharat there is an incident between the final encounter of Arjuna and Karna where Karna used his Nagastra against Arjuna. The Suta's son then fixed on his bow-string that foe-killing, ...
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Do the Nagas ever try to conquer the 3 worlds?

It's well known that the Asuras, and sometimes the Rakshasas, try to conquer the 3 worlds. My question is, do the Nagas, who live Patala, try to conquer the 3 worlds?
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Who are these Phani and Ahi, that mentioned in Garuda Purana?

In this chapter of Garuda Purana, i noticed about the presiding naga devatas of Graha deities. The sun is the presiding star of Sesha, the moon of Phani, Mars of Takshaka, Jupiter of Karkotyna, Venus ...
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Nagini or Naga kanya worship

Are there any references related to worship of female Nagas (Naginis, Naga kanyas, etc.)? How does it differ from Naga (male) worship?
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Sarpa Raksha mantra and sandhya vandanam

नर्मदायै नमः प्रातः नर्मदायै नमो निशि नमोऽस्तु नर्मदे तुभ्यं त्राहि मां विषसर्पदः सर्पापसर्प भद्रं त गच्छ सर्प महाविष। जनमेजयस्य यज्ञान्ते आस्तीकवचं स्मर।। जरत्कार्वोर्जरत्कर्वां समुत्पन्न महायशाः ...
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Does Nagamani really exist in Kaliyuga?

I am coming from this question: Which Hindu Scriptures provides knowledge about Nagamani(Cobra Pearl)? Is there a place where we can witness this Nagamani if it really exist. There are scammers coming ...
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Is nagas in temple related to Kundalini?

Does naga in temples represent kundalini? If yes how can it be used for ones spiritual enhancenent? What are the mantras one can use to worship it?
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