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Can we do nama japa of more than other deities?

It is said by Sants and Shastras that Nama Japa is extremely beneficial in Kali Yuga as it requires no rules. But I have also heard that we should stick to one Holy Name. Is it true or can we do Nama ...
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What is the correct meaning of 10 namapradhas in Padma Puran?

Can somebody translate or tell the correct meaning of the Ten namapradhas mentioned in Padma Puran
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'White lotus' referred to in sikshastakam

In the sikshastakam, the word karaiva is translated into English as "white lotus". I am curious to know the specific, scientific name of the actual karaiva. It's significant for this: ...
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Is 'god' and 'god name' indifferent according to Padma Purana?

Nama Japa is a unique feature of sanathan dharma. Continuous recitation of a god's name is called Nama Japa. god's name has divine origin and the scriptures have several statements saying that god ...
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