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The Nath tradition is a heterodox siddha tradition containing many sub-sects. It was founded by Matsyendranath and further developed by Gorakshanath.

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What exactly is Svecchachara? Does it justify evil?

I saw on Wikipedia various definitions of Svecchachara, acting as one likes, arbitrariness, acting without restraint, "behaving as one desires" or "in accordance with one's will (iccha)&...
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Why can't a yogi visit mosque?

Yesterday, CM of Uttar Pradesh, India said that as a 'Yogi' he will not goto mosque foundation laying program.
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Did Ramakrishna ever follow any Shaiva sadhna?

Ramakrishna followed various paths of Hinduism.I read somewhere that he was born in a Vaishnava family who had Kula Deva as Lord Rama. It is well known that he followed Shaktism by worshipping Kali . ...
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What is 'dhuni', is it mere burning firewood?

I would like to know something about 'dhuni' and its association with the 'Nath' tradition. Any references from some authentic resources would be helpful.
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What is the purpose of Navnath? [duplicate]

I heard that Navnath are the 9 saints who were born in Kaliyuga. They were so powerful and full of spiritual energy that even Devas were unable to defeat them. Question is, in Kaliyuga, how those ...
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Can Vaishnavas join the Natha Sampradaya?

According to Wikipedia, Natha Sampradaya is a subsect within Shaivism. However, I recently found an adherent of this Sampradaya who claims to be a devotee of Lord Krishna. Now, how is it possible ...
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What are the teachings of Sri Gorakhnath?

Gorakhnath is a famous yogi from the Nath sampradaya. He is also known as Goraksha natha. What were his main teachings? And, besides the Goraksha Samhita, what are the other main works by him?
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Who are the nAthas of nAth sampradAya?

One of the largest group of Hindu ascetics is the Nath (or Natha) sampradaya. Who are the Naths? Who were the famous 9 Naths? What is their core ideology? What sect of Shaivism do they belong to?
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Are Shabar Mantras really auto-energised?

I myself answered a question on the so-called "Shabar Mantras" here. This webpage claims that these mantras are auto energized or Siddha so to speak. A shabar mantra is quite different from a ...
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Who is the supreme god according to Nath sampraday?

I want to know who is the supreme god according to Nath Sampraday ? And what are the main scriptures of Nath Sampraday ?
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