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Who are the other Vishistadvaita philosophers and what are their most important works?

Ramanuja is obviously known to be the proponent of Vishistadvaita philosophy. Now, I would like to know the other Vishistadvaita philosophers before and after Ramanuja. Also, their most important ...
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Historical evidence for time period of Nathamuni

Alkondaville Govindacharya's work on the life of Ramanujacharya mentions that Nathamuni lived for a total of 540 years (pg 12). The book begins by stating that in the year 916 A.D. when Yamunacharya ...
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Nadamunigal’s contribution to Thiruvaimozhi

Nadamunigal was instrumental in bringing the Thiruvaimozhi composed by Namalwar when no one recited during that time itself. What was the methodology adopted by Nadhamuni to make people recite ...
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