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Is Sookshma Sharira really made of Prakriti's 5 subtle elements or Tanmatras?

I posted a similar question here before but didn't recieve any answer. So i'll just post this again. In which holy text is there mention of sookshma sharira being a product of Prakriti's Tanmatras? ...
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What are the laws of nature and what happens if somebody breaks them?

I see people breaking the laws and getting away with money so what happens when somebody breaks the law of nature? Also what are exactly the law of nature?
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Are there any Hindu stories involving non-artificial weather?

I find the characters in Hinduism rarely discuss the weather, which I find odd.
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Some questions on 'Dharma vs Sanatana Dharma'

As to burn is the dharma of the fire, the dharma of a being is to be of it's own nature. If dharma is 'the execution of' laws of nature, why is sanatana dharma not applied out of India? According to ...
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How does tantra work?

I am trying to understand how mantra - yantra - tantra works ? After googling for few days I got a fair understanding that it is the use of sound and mantras have some words combined in such a way ...
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Which Veda verse Narendra Modi referred in relation to Paris climate treaty?

In reference to then US president Donald Trump's allegation of India'a lesser commitment towards saving environment, then Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi told: "I have in simple way ...
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Is there any God/Deity of Electricity?

For all the natural & social aspects like water, fire, animals, wind, earth, trees, engineering, sex, day/night, knowledge, maths, strength -- we have certain kind of deity. Ancient civilization ...
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How is nature able to know of upcoming dangers?

I have read in the Mahabharata that at birth, Duryodhana’s nature was shown by some warnings and 'ashubh suchana' (bad omens) like the sound of crying donkeys. So my question is, how is nature able to ...
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Which deities should be honored for their protection of waters?

Rivers seem to have their own, like Ganga. But what about wells, springs, streams and lakes in general? Who are their protectors? How would one go about showing gratitude for the existence of - for ...
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Is nature a deity in Hinduism?

In my understanding, nature is the supreme power to be worshiped. Is there any scriptural basis for nature being the Supreme God or Goddess?
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How can you roll up space?

I came across this quote: Only when space is rolled up like a piece of leather will there be an end to suffering apart from knowing god - Svetasvatara Upanisad, VI 20 The quote is in a Science ...
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Why the word Pancha Bhoota conflicts with Good spirit vs. Bad spirit

In Hindu religion, we have separate Gods for the five prime elements of nature (land, water, air, ether or sky and fire) as described in wikipedia. 'Bhoota' means a ghost. 'Pancha' means the number 5....
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What does Hinduism say about protection of nature?

Sanathana Dharma is one of the rarest culture in history of mankind which emphasize on the protection of nature. Here in India, Hindus respect the value of life in Nature. They respect trees, animals ...
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