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Does having children create very strong attachment (Moh)? Is this hindrance to Moksha?

It is commonly seen that most men are very strongly attached to their offsprings Is this the reason why most Hindu seers don't get married. As they want Moksha and a strong attachment with one's ...
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should I be totally involved or non-attached?

Krishna said in Gita don't get attached (attachment is the cause of sufferings) but many scriptures' and people said we must totally get involved (flow state) whatever we are doing ( be it love or ...
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What do scriptures say about vairagya at early ages?

Most of the people think that vairagya is not good during early ages (say 10 - 30). I am asking this question for people who are practicing Grihastha (householder) ashram. What do scriptures tell ...
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Are Dr. Abdul Kalam's principles opposite to Hinduism? [closed]

Hinduism talks about non attachment to things and attachment to God. Sri Krishna says about leaving kaama, krodha, lobha, moha, madha, maatsalyam etc. Dr. Abdul Kalam said to dream, have attachment, ...
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Does attachment and love coexist?

Plenty of slokas in Geetha says that attachment is a bad thing and one should leave it. My doubt is "Can both love and attachment coexist?" Let us consider Yashoda as well as gopi's, I ...
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