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A specific number which represents Vishnu based on Scriptural sources

Is there an abstract numerical number directly representing or connecting with Vishnu as per scripture, please don't say an answer like Dashavatar unless it says the number 10 of the dashavatara ...
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Vishnu Yantra and other abstract symbolism

Is there a Yantra or other abstract form of Vishnu I can draw for protective or devotional purposes, but others as well? Other examples are numbers and letters found in scripture.
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Did zero exist during Ramayana time

As we know Aryabhatta introduced 0 in calculation in 628BC, before that it was called as shoonya. So, my question is how was it interpreted in calculation during Ramayana time. Did they even know ...
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Why Shodasha occupies special place in hindu worship?

Quite often we see shodasha or no.16 is given high importance why? Right from Shodasha samskara. Shodasha upachara pooja. Shodashi mantra. Shodashi upasane of Lord as specified in satprashno ...
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How many times the Saraswati Beeja mantra needs to be repeated?

Assume that a guru gave upadesa of Saraswati mantra to a person. ऐं । is the Beeja mantra for Saraswati Devi. Does the exact number of times the Beeja mantra should be repeated is mentioned in ...
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Which is the sacred number in Hinduism?

Because of my curiosity I want to know if there are any most sacred number in Hinduism ? Does Hinduism have more than one sacred number ? What is logic behind those sacred number, does any old ...
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In which scriptures that Hindu Number counting system is completely written?

A photo of Hindu Number Counting System is higher than described in 4-5 Shloka, 3rd Chapter of 6th Part of Vishnu Purana same also described in Vayu Purana: Is there any scripture (Vedas/...
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Significance of number 960 on a Brahmanic stone marker and number 1020 on a Vaishnavite monument?

The figure shows a "Brahmanic stone marker" from Khmer art (National Museum of Phnom Penh, No. 3058, Angkor Period). The stele shows at its 4 sides in 16 rows and 15 columns 960 = 4 x 16 x 15 ...
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Do scriptures mention Indra's age when he destroyed Shambhara?

While reading the Atharva Veda I came across this interesting hymn to Indra that mentions: He who discovered in the fortieth autumn Sambara dwelling in the midst of mountains: Who slew the ...
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What was the value of trillion during Mahabharata time as population of Yadavas is mentioned as 30 trillion+ in SB 10.90.42?

SB 10.90.42 saṅkhyānaṁ yādavānāṁ kaḥ   kariṣyati mahātmanām yatrāyutānām ayuta-   lakṣeṇāste sa āhukaḥ Who can count all the great Yādavas, when among them King Ugrasena ...
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Significance of number 7 as per Vedas

As per Vedas what exactly is the significance of number 7. Reason am asking this is because we have: Saptarishi (7 Sages) 7 Chakras 7 Days 7 Svara 7 colors in rainbow (Indradhanush) 7 pheras ...
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Why did the Vaisheshika school believe 100 quadrillion is the largest number?

As I discuss in this question, by far the most popular school of Hindu philosophy is the Vedanta school. But there are five other Astika or orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy: Purva Mimamsa, Samkhya,...
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Number 13 and Number 8 really unlucky according to hinduism?

I came across many websites and some myths saying that Number 13 and Number 8 are unlucky numbers for everyone. Numbers 13 and 8 are considered an unlucky in some countries. People try to avoid bad ...
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The number of syllables in the Rig Veda - 4,32,000

This wiki article on Rig Veda says that there are 4,32,000 syllables in all the shlokas combined. It also says that the Shatapatha Brahmana of the Yajur Veda mentions this. Where is this mentioned? ...
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