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I have a confusion in planets between astrology and numerology

I have this confusion for last several months. I searched on Google but could not find answer and eventually I ended up here. So, I'm asking this question here. My question is, Which one is correct ...
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Is there a devanagari or Hindu numerology / gematria?

Searching for devanagari numerology, you find stuff like this which hints at a system. But is there a system, for mapping numbers to the devanagari/sanskrit characters/sounds in Hinduism anywhere to ...
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Why Shodasha occupies special place in hindu worship?

Quite often we see shodasha or no.16 is given high importance why? Right from Shodasha samskara. Shodasha upachara pooja. Shodashi mantra. Shodashi upasane of Lord as specified in satprashno ...
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What is the reason behind considering number 12 as special?

Purna Kumbh Mela is celebrated every 12 years. It is also believed that spiritual progress happens in practitioners in the cycle of 12 years i.e., it takes 12 years of disciplined practice to change ...
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Is the concept "numerology" based on Hindu Scriptures?In particular which Texts give the rules of how to relate the Navagrahas with the numbers?

The order of the Navagrahas is as follows: Aditya/Surya(Sun)Soma/Chandra(Moon)Angaraka/Mangal/Kuja(Mars) Budha(Mercury) Brihaspati(Jupiter) Sukra(Venus) Sani(Saturn)Rahu and Ketu. This order can ...
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Is there any religious significance for the Invention of Zero?

The world knows that Zero was invented/discovered by the Indians. It is profound thought process that led to the birth of Zero / Shunya. I would like to know if there was any part played by the ...
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What is the significance of number 40 in forty verse prayer? [duplicate]

Why the prayer contains 40 lines though 1, 11, 21 etc are considered as good in religious work? Is there any significance of number 40 in hindu mythology ? Also which is the first Chalisa(forty verse)...
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Golden ratio in hinduism

Christianity talks of the golden ratio. I have read about it from the Da Vinci Code. Is there anything similar to the golden ratio in Hinduism?
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What is the significance of 3, 16, or 41 days after the death?

Basically, there are a few numbers (of days) after various events that are of special significance. E.g. 41 days after a person dies, the members of their family must go to a temple; likewise for any ...
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Number 9 in Hindu mythology

What is the significance of Number 9 in Hindu mythology? Even that every important numbers when summed up ends to a number 9. Example#1: the life span of four yugas from this link Krita or Satya-...
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