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Use this tag to ask questions about Pandu, earthly father of the Pandavas. He is the husband of Kunti and Madri.

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Kurus alliance with fallen communities

While arguing with Shalya on who is superior, Karna says Madrakas are of worst character. He also lists others: The Prasthalas, the Madras, the Gandharas, the Arattas, those called Khasas, the ...
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Does the scriptures or eminent hindu acharyas, give any reasons as to why didn't Kunti invite the Trimurtis for begetting sons via Niyoga?

Since Kuntī got a boon from the legendary, Ṛṣi Durvāsa himself, I guess, noone would disrespect his boon thus would have descended down to beget Kuntī a son, as per her choice. So, why did Panḍu ...
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Pandu's dead body cremation

After Pandu's death, the rishis gathered and... The ascetics set out that very moment, taking with them those children and Kunti and the two dead bodies When they reached Hastinapura they said: ...
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Are the Kauravas considered Sinners while the Pandavas not?

Are the Sinners found in both sides (Kauravas and Pandavas) or the Kauravas alone were antidharma? I mean: why when the Pandavas king Yudhishthira ascended to heaven he saw Kauravas smiling and in a ...
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Do Vyasa Mahabharata say that Pandu has pandu disease?

Consider the following excerpt regarding birth of Pandu "Soon after Satyavati, O chastiser of foes, summoned Vyasa, after having secured the assent of her daughter-in-law. Vyasa came according ...
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