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For questions about Panini, the famous Sanskrit grammarian

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Which yuga did Panini live in?

Which Yuga did the sanskrit grammarian Panini live in according to Hindu tradition?
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Is Sage Panini related to Panis?

Sage Panini was a great grammarian of Ancient India. There is a word mentioned in Rig-Veda, Pani, which means different things according to the context. One of the meanings (albeit in later sources) ...
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What are the नव व्याकरण​ ( Nava Vyakaranas )?

Hanuman is known as Nava-Vyakarana-Pandita (master of 9 grammars). What are these 9 vyakaranas ? Vyakarana is one of the 6 Vedangas. We know the famous : Maheshvara Sutras -> Panini Ashtadhyayi -&...
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Is Panini's work "jambavati vijayam" fully lost?

Do any of the scriptures or commentary refer back to the epic "Jambavati Vijayam" that was written by Panini? Are some of its verses surviving somewhere?
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How to read the sutras in the Astadhyayi of Panini?

I have this Amazon copy of Astadhyayi of Panini, which shows pages like these: What does, for example, this mean? 1.1.7 ha̱Laḥ=ánantarāḥ saṁyogáḥ I assume the sutras are what are numbered with the 3 ...
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Source for Lokaśaraṇaṃ Vyākaraṇam ( लोकशरणं व्याकरणम् )

While listening to Pāṇiníya Aṣṭādhyāyī ( पाणिनीय अष्टाध्यायी ) lectures, the quote Lokaśaraṇaṃ Vyākaraṇam ( लोकशरणं व्याकरणम् ) was attributed to Patañjali ( पतञ्जलि ) but I haven't been able to ...
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What is difference between The Sanskrit used in Ramayana, The Sanskrit Used in Mahābhārata, The Sanskrit Used In Bhāgvata Geeta and Paninian Sanskrit

I have been exploring the variations in Sanskrit used across different historical texts and would appreciate some detailed insights. Specifically, I'm interested in understanding the linguistic ...
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How did Panini, Jaimini and Pingala die?

Mitrasampati is the second tantra of Panchatantra. It delves into the acquisition of friends. In the main story, an argument takes place between the mouse Hiranyaka and the crow Laghupathanaka on ...
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What is 'ḍukr̥ṅkaraṇ'?

In the Moha Mudgara stotra by Shankaracharya, the sage advices an old man practising the rules of Paninian grammar in the streets of Varanasi to let go of all this, and worship Krishna. His advice is ...
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Is Panini avatar of some deity?

Panini's work on Sanskrit is considered as the basis of the Sanskrit Grammar. I want to know if Panini is avatar of some deity ?
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