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What is the Prayaschitha for plucking Peepal leaves?

Why should not we touch Tulsi and Peepal trees on Sunday? As far as the Peepal Tree (aśvattha) is considered, not only on Sundays, but it shouldn't be touched on any other day except on Saturdays. ...
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Is planting a Peepal tree a remedy for "afterlife tarpaṇa" rituals, in case a couple doesn't have a male progeny?

Recently on a dhārmika TV channel, I heard a pundit talk on the importance of the Peepal tree. What caught my attention was when the pundit proclaimed that - " Planting a Peepal tree as a ...
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Good reason to plant Bodhi Tree (peepal) at home [duplicate]

I want to plant bodhi tree at home in my big plating pot, but my parents are not allowing me to do it. Please give me some good and strong religious reason to make them agree. They are also saying ...
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Worshipping lord Shani even when I have good Effects of Lord shani in my life

Lord Shani is favourable in my birth chart and does me good, but I still worship lord shani. I place a diya with musturd oil and black til at a peepal tree at saturday nights and I offer him water ...
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Why should not we touch Tulsi and Peepal trees on Sunday?

It is said that, we should not touch or give water to Tulsi or Peepal tree on Sunday. What is the reason behind it and what happens if someone does it?
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Is it OK to uproot Peepal tree?

A Peepal tree has grown on the terrace of my house. Now I know if it is not uprooted its roots will dig in deep into a room's ceiling below the terrace. I also know that Peepal tree has got religious ...
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Why Hindus worship Peepal Trees? (Ficus religiosa)

I've often seen people, women especially, worship Peepal Trees (Ficus religiosa) Why they do so? Is there any reason from Hindu scriptures behind doing that? As far as I know, people say that our ...
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