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Graha shanti solutions

I went to an astrologer and got to know that almost every graha is in its bad positon.. and for that he gave me some remedies.. in that few are done by myself.. like regular Pooja and chanting mantras....
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IS the beej mantra mentioned in this video authentic and will it work..? please guide on this matter .. if not authentic can you please tell what mantra to chant to collectively please all planets and if know please recommend ...
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Which hindu scripture talks about the astrological remedies as per vedic astrology?

What are the Hindu scriptures that talk about different planetary remedies or remedies to particularly malefic yogas such as KalSarpa Yoga and Pitru Dosha Yoga?
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Are the Sun, the Moon, and the planets the bodies of the Gods associated with them?

For example, is the Sun, the white sphere that we see in the sky, is it the body, or at least a body, of the Sun God, Surya? And is this true of the Moon and the other planets, those being the bodies ...
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Why are the days of the week named the way they are?

I understand that Ravivar is named after the sun god and that the rest of the days of the week are named after one planet or the other, but that means only 6 planets have days named after them. Why ...
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Does Mahabharata say Shiva Devotees are unaffected by planetary effects?

I've heard that the Mahabharata has a verse where it is said those devoted to Hara need not worry about planetary effects in their lives. Is this true ?
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What is the complete story of Rahu and Ketu? This link of SB says that ketu was not only 1 graha,it was 100 in number.It says that Rahu was born from Simhika and Viprachitti.
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