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Can we do sthapna of vigrah at home during Chaturmas?

Can we do sthapna of vigraha(Radha Krishna Pratima) at home during Chaturmas? Some said you cannot do any kind of sthapana/pran-pratishtha during these 4 months. Some said only muhurta karyas like ...
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Do idols/deities in the temple have soul and consciousness or only prana

I have read about what happens exactly during a prana prathista ritual. I understand that certain procedure is followed for instilling prana in an idol. But I want to know if the idol does have any ...
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Do photographs or paintings of Gods undergo prana pratishthana?

As I understand from this question , through prana pratishthana ritual God comes and resides in the murti. And if not mistaken, the idols have to be sculpted in line with what is mentioned in Agamas ...
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Requirement for prana pratishthana

For purpose of worship in temples, idols made from metal, wood or soil are created and the ritual of prana pratishthana, i.e. inviting God to be present in the idol, is done. In Sanatana Dharma it is ...
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How do modern-day temples preserve the purity of the Prana-pratishtha of the installed idols?

By law, no Hindu can be denied entry to temples. In Tamil Nadu, the law says that anybody can be the priest as long as he/she shows the required scripture/agama knowledge. Some temples allow ...
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Is the practice of bringing an idol to a temple to be sanctified and then taking it home sanctioned?

A practice I saw reported: I actually just bring my deities (if brand new) to the Mandir... specially wrapped and carried in like a baby... and ask the Priest to do PranPrastishta for my new Murti. ...
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Pran Pratishta 's life scale in Deity's idol or statue and Scriptures of Pran Pratishta mantras

Can anyone let me know what is the life scale of Pran in Deity's Vigraha and where the Pran Pratishta Mantras are mentioned in religious Scriptures?
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How to do Prana Pratishtana of Shiv Lingam?

Recently I got a Shiva Lingam for my home altar. Since its not a Swaymbhu or Banalinga, It must first be energized through Prana Pratishtana. But I do not know the method and mantras for doing the ...
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How to do Prana Prathishta of Maa Kali Idol?

I am preparing to do the Prana Pratishtha of maa kali idol. Please help me to Prana Pratishtha of Maa Kali Idol.
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nyAsa on murti during prANa pratishthA

This wikipedia article says that during prANa pratishthA, nyAsa is done ON THE MURTI where various deities are installed in various parts of murti. The ritual typically involves a Puja, chanting ...
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What is the ritual procedure for linga sthapana in a temple?

In our native place we bhakthakodees are planning to place a shiv Ling in the existing temple. Can someone throw some light on the procedure of installing shiv ling in temple and also if there are any ...
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Recommend some books or online sites for self- learning Prana Pratishta techniques

What are some good books (in Bengali, English, Hindi or Sanskrit) for self-learning the method of Prana Pratishta (invoking life-force of Deites) on Yantras, idols etc? I am looking for books or even ...
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How to do Prana Pratishtha of Idols of Ganpati, Shiva, Vishnu and Durga?

To be specific I am asking about the procedure for prana pratishtha for Shri Mahaganapti, Lord MahaVishnu, Lord Shiva (shiva linga) and Godess Durga). Please answer mentioning vedic mantras and vedic ...
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