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daṇḍa (punishment) sanctioned primarily by the king for grave sins

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Why killing someone, stealing and drinking, all are equated on a same level of offense?

Manu Smriti 11.65 - 11.66 11.65. Neglecting to kindle the sacred fires, theft, non-payment of (the three) debts, studying bad books, and practising (the arts of) dancing and singing, 11.66. Stealing ...
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What are levels (types) of Narakas?

Our scriptures describe about 28 types of Narakas, what are they and what are there levels? Here with levels I want clarification on which Naraka is considered bad to worst in punishments?
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Why can't we enter heaven with our physical body?

Why can't we enter the heaven with our physical body? However if some of the sages have entered, who are all? please list them. If we can't enter with the human body in the hell then so punishment ...
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Do entire countries suffer punishment for their sins?

The Hindu religion says that individual people suffer for their sins and get rewarded for their merits. My question is, do groups of people, like entire countries, suffer punishment for their sins? ...
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Is hiding one's caste a punishable offense?

From this article: Although the first Maratha ruler, Shivaji, freely recruited Mahars in his army, two centuries later, by the time of the Peshwas, the status of Mahars was lower than ever. The ...
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Were the harsher punishments laid out in smṛtis actually carried out or they merely served as a deterrent?

Were some of the harsher punishments laid out in smṛtis like the Manu actually carried out (any real examples?) or they merely served as a deterrent? From Manusmṛti: On abusing a Brāhmaṇa the ...
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Is the law of karma violated when entire countries get punished for the evil actions of certain individuals?

This answer has shown that Lord Shiva destroys evil countries. By "evil country" it is meant a country where majority of the people and leaders do evil actions. Now my question is, is it fair to ...
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Eternal Hell in regards to Mahabharta

According to this verse in Mahabharta, there is an eternal hell "Yudhishthira answered,--'He that summoneth a poor Brahmana promising to make him a gift and then tells him that he hath nothing to ...
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