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Is this citation present in Kurma Purana?

Somebody with the handle of jayatuvaishnavadharma at Quora says: The dvaitins quote a pramana from the kurma purANa to justify this as follows: raxitaM naiva shaknoShi svAtmAnamapi shaN^kara | ...
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Are the titled prayers/mantras in the Samhita parts of the Vedas self contained?

Are the prayers/mantras in the Samhita parts of the Vedas self-contained or do they flow into each other? I'm mostly asking because the Vedas occasionally say "they said" and since Sanskrit ...
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what is meaning of this quote by Lahiri Mahasaya?

what is meaning of this quote ? If you don’t invite God to be your summer Guest, He won’t come in the winter of your life - Lahiri Mahasaya I found this quote on Pinakin profile
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Authenticity of a quote by Vivekananda

I cam across the following quote Take Risks in Your Life ~ If you Win, you Can Lead! ~~ If you Lose, You Can Guide! and many websites are claiming that the quote is by Swami Vivekananda. Is it true ...
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