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If satvik guna is the best guna then why are people of rajas guna are made to rule?

If satvik guna is the best guna then why aren't they give given important position as kings,rulers?
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To sects that believe all names denoting Brahman only point to their Satvik sectarian deity - how can any scripture be Rajasic or Tamasic?

let us take a God, say, Apam Napat. If some scripture says Apam Napat is supreme (Rig Veda talks about his Paramam Padam) - then it can simply be argued that Apam Napat is a name of the sectarian ...
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What is the meaning of 'Rajoyoga' and 'Tamoyoga'

In Ganapati stavah, I came across two words 'Rajoyoga' and 'Tamoyoga' in shloka 4 and 6 respectively:- What is the meaning of the above ...
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