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A bridge over the sea build by lord Ram and his soldiers in Ramayan epic. Question related to Ram Setu.

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Did Lord Ram destroy Ram Setu after evacuating Sita ji?

Ram-setu is mentioned as a bridge in multiple records by famous travelers. There are sources which states that the bridge was above sea-level till 1480 AD. But there is a legend which claims that Lord ...
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Who are Nala and Nila in Ramayan?

Nala and Nila were solid builder in building Ram Setu in the Ramayan. And I have some questions and doubts. Who are their parents? Are they two brothers and twins? How they got similar kind of name ...
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Description of Ram Setu

I am eager to know the following questions regarding Ram Setu. How many days took to build Ram Setu? Around How many Vanaras or monkeys were working? What is the length and width of Ram Setu? How ...
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In Ramayana, how was Nala able to build the Rama Setu? [duplicate]

As per normal human thinking it is impossible to build a bridge on sea. Then how could Nala, a mere vanara, build the Rama Setu across the sea?
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What does the Ramayana say about floating stones of Ram Sethu?

According to the Ramayana epic, Lord Rama built a bridge across the sea to Lanka to rescue Sita from Ravana. I could see many images of Ram Sethu between Sri Lanka and India in Google Maps and it is ...
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