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Regarding shri ram naam

Are there any other scriptures, besides Padma purana (पद्म पुराण) where Shri Krishna himself had sung the glories of Shri Ram naam??
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Where I can download ram gita of Skandpuran

Is there any link where I can download or buy "ram gita of Skandpuran"? Is it available offline?
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Which Hindu scripture is the mantra "Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram" from?

I have tried this mantra only 108 times and it definitely helps in third eye activation. But I cannot find which scripture it is from? श्री राम, जय राम, जय जय राम
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Kaikeyī's background

a) Where can I read in detail about Dashrath's wife Kaekayi, her background, and the battles she fought alongside him. b) There is also a legend that she already knew about Ram's purpose so and was ...
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When Agasthya Rishi (Vaman Avtar) got the Sri Lanka as prize?

When Agasthya Rishi visited Mahabali, then the King MahaBali gifted Sri Lanka to him. Agasthya ji is also called Vaman Avtar of Vishnu. So the question is did he got this prize land before Visheshrava ...
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Where is the Panchvati mentioned in Ramayana located in present day India?

Is Panchvati in present day Nasik or in Parnashala? Where was Sita mata abducted by Ravana?
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Are any ancient team sports (not games or athletics) mentioned in our scriptures? [duplicate]

I wish to know if team sports existed in the ancient times. Especially in Ramayan and Mahabharat. By sports I don’t mean swimming, archery etc. I’m looking for something like football and cricket ...
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What is mentioned in Valmiki's Ramayan regarding Hanuman's Brahmacharya?

As far as I remember it isn't mentioned anywhere in Valmiki's Ramayan. In certain South East Asian texts (as I'm told) Hanuman isn't shown as a Brahmachari.
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According to Nyaya, are Mahabharata and Ramayan real or mythology?

According to Nyaya school of philosophy in Hinduism, is itihaas like Ramayan and Mahabharata real history or mythology .
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