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Rukmini is the wife of Sri Krishna. She is said to be a form of Goddess Lakshmi. She is the first of the Ashtabharya (eight principal queen-consorts of Krishna).

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What was irreligious in the marriage between Krishna's grandson and Rukmi's grand daughter?

Please see the attached verses from Bhagvatam Carumati was Krishna's daughter who married Krtavarma's son. Her son Aniruddha married Rocana. Rocana was Rukmavati and Pradyumna's daughter and Rukmi's ...
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Is there reference of Rukmini killing demons?

I heard that Rukmini, the wife of Krishna, killed a demon named Dindhirasura. Is there any mention in texts? If yes, can you provide the name of the book and the chapter which mentions this incident?
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