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Questions tagged [sadhguru-jaggi-vasudev]

Use this for questions related to Jaggi Vasudev's (popularly known as Sadhguru) views and commentary on Hinduism.

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Is there any reference where dvija means enlightened person?

Came across a post recently by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, where he says that dvija means an enlightened person: “Enlightened ones have always been referred to as dwijas or ‘twice born.’ May you ...
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What are the high pranic foods according to Yogic culture?

In the following video Sadhguru says Ash Gourd known as Kooshmanda. He says that is a high pranic food. That is why it is also used in sacrifices where they break it by throwing it to ground. https://...
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Scriptural basis for Sadhguru's claim that Yaśodā also became one of the gopīs? Yashodha’s relationship with Krishna grew in such a way that she also became one of the Gopis. She was also part of the Raas. ...
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Does the Adiyogi of Sadhguru have a scriptural basis

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev has a large following in India and abroad. His main sculptural work is the Adiyogi Statue in Velliangiri hills, Coimbatore. Does the Statue have any Sthala purana or is it ...
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Which one of Vedas has referred to Dhyanalinga consecrated by Sadhguru?

In Sadhguru More Than A Life, one of his disciples mentioned a priest in Trichy mentioning Dhyanalinga is consecrated by a Grihasta Yogi, and he remembers reading about this in one of the Vedas. Does ...
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