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Sahadeva (Sanskrit: सहदेव), from the Hindu epic Mahabharata, was the youngest of the five Pandava brothers. Nakula and Sahadeva were twins born to Madri, who had invoked the Ashwini Kumaras using Kunti's boon.

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If Sahadev was a big astrologer who knew the results of the war before hand why couldn't he save his sons? [duplicate]

If Sahadev was a big astrologer who knew the results of war before hand why couldn't he save his sons and may be his brother's son ? Please don't tell me Krishna cursed him not to reveal. He can't ...
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Did Nakula and Sahadeva really treat Karna after donating his armour?

Star Plus Mahabharat (S20 E7) shows that when Karna is in a lot of pain after cutting off his armour and ear-rings and donating them to Indra, Nakula and Sahadeva cure him of his wounds. Karna then ...
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Sahadev's method of prediction

It is said that Sahadev used a specific chart for his prediction. May I have a glimpse of same please if available. Also, please share any instruction on how it works
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Did Sahadeva have the knowledge of past, present and the future? [duplicate]

I want to know if sources like the Mahabharata, translated by KM Ganguli or the critical Edition of the Mahabharata translated by Bibek Debroy, say that Sahadeva knew the past, present and future. I'...
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Could Sahadeva predict the future? [duplicate]

I read this on a forum: Sahadeva could predict the future, but he was also cursed to die if he revealed it to anyone. He didn't reveal the outcome of the war to Krishna. Also, this question says ...
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Sahadeva's knowledge of future [duplicate]

Sahadeva, after eating a part of his father Pandu's brain, got the power to see the past and the future. So he came to know that these things will happen: Game of dice Draupadi's insult Kurukshetra ...
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10 votes
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Is Pandu's last wish, not to burn his body but eat it away, real?

On Wikipedia, it is given that Pandu asks his sons to eat his flesh and only Sahadeva does so because of which he gains ability to see the future but Krishna asks him not to reveal anything to anyone. ...
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