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What exactly is a leela (लीला)? Is there a scriptural definition of leela (लीला)?

When people cannot logically explain certain actions of Gods, their incarnations, Saints, Ṛṣis etc., they often use the term leela which is sometimes spelled as līlā and lIlA. I think the word ...
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Is Swaminarayan an incarnation of any God?

I want to know the following: Who is Lord Swaminarayan? What is his story? Was he an incarnation of any God? Is there any mention of him in any old Hindu texts?
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What exactly happens during Parakaya Pravesha?

Parakaya Pravesha is power of entering into body of another person through Yoga. Sri Adi Sankara entered the body of King Amaruka of Benares. Tirumular in Southern India entered the body of a ...
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How to identify saint/sage?

Now a days many people claim to be a saint. Is there any method to differentiate real saint and fake saint. UPDATE. A person can have only 1 Guru in his lifetime. But if I come to know there is a ...
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Who are the authors of and what are the significances of "Eka Sloki Ramayana" , "Eka Sloki Bhagawatam" and the like?

As the name suggests,the Eka Sloki Ramayana is the whole story of Ramayana told in just one sloka/verse: aadau raama tapovanaadi gamanam hatvaa mrugam kaanchanam vaidehee haraNam jaTaayu maraNam ...
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What is the significance of the Titles of Spiritual Teachers?

I came across some Titles of Spiritual Teachers(Guru): Abhaya Acharya Avdhoota Bharathi Maharaj Maharshi Paramahamsa Sant Shankaracharya Saraswati Yogi My questions are: Is ...
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What is the meaning of various honorific prefixes with "Sri"?

We see many gurus, babas, saints with honorific titles such as Sri Sri 108 Sri 1008 sri etc What does these prefixes indicate?
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Who is Shivananda Swami?

There are popular aartis, that are sung in North, which have initials of Swami Shivananda in their end. For example So, my question is, who is "Swami Shivananda", composer of such Aartis?
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Is it necessary that an enlightened man should possess Siddhis or special powers?

We know about many saints who possessed siddhis in the past. Are siddhis a criteria for an enlightened person ?
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Can one saint be more intellectual than the other? [closed]

Generally people don't compare the intellects of saints. But sometimes when they talk about them, they say great saints. What does it mean by great saints? Does any saint has high intellect or know ...
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