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samadhi (Sanskrit: "standing within one's Self; sameness; contemplation; union, wholeness; completion, accomplishment.") which represents "super consciousness"; "complete absorption into the absolute", "Universal Consciousness" — is the state of true yoga, in which the meditator and the object of meditation are one.

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What does happens to Prarabdha Karma while sleeping?

Most of you might know, we have to experience the result of any karma(Prarabdha karma)done by us. Any Prarabdha Karma is inevitable. According to Sri Swami Sivananda: "Prarabdha is that portion of ...
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Are all Samadhis are required in order OR can be practiced irrespective of each other? [closed]

In Yog sutra Patanjali mentioned 10 types of samadhis : Seems all are related and are inter-related to each other. So questions arise in my mind are: Is there any text that suggest the order in ...
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Is it possible to live like in Krita Yuga [Satya Yuga] for an individual, despite being in Kali Yuga?

Being inspired by this very extensive answer: to a question about Yugas, I would like to know if, applying all the human efforts and energies to sadhana ...
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