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Questions about Rishi SanatKumara (सनत्कुमार), one of the four Kumara who are Manasputras of Brahma

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Why did Sanat Kumar gave Curse to Dawarpaala since they were just doing their job?

The story that I'm talking about is of the Sanat Kumaras (Son of Brahma) visit to the Vaikuntha. And they gave curse to Jaya and Vijaya to reborn for 3 times. As result they reborn as Hiranyaksha and ...
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Was Rama Avatar a result of four different curses?

The Ramayan tells us that Lord Vishnu incarnated as Rama on the request of the demigods when the three worlds were being tormented by the tyranny of Ravan. But the Yog Vasishtha adds an interesting ...
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Are the four Kumars incarnations of Lord Vishnu or Shiva?

According to the Bhagvat Purana the four Sanat Kumars are described as the incarnations of Lord Vishnu but I cam across this remark in the comment section of Vishnu Puran: Linga P. describes the ...
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Was Krishna's son Pradyumna a rebirth of Kama or of Sanatkumar?

SECTION LXVII of the Sambhava Parva of Mahabharat mentions the various gods and demons who incarnated in human forms as characters of Mahabharat. There's something that I noticed and would like to ask ...
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Who are the Sanat Kumaras?

In many scriptures like Puranas, there is mention of Sanat Kumaras. According to the legend they are believed to be as the mAnasa putras of Lord Brahma. But we get to see the list of 10 mAnasa ...
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How did sanatkumars reach Lord Vishnu's abode?

How did sanatkumars reach Lord Vishnu's abode? Sanatkumars were also incarnation of Vishnu, but they were only children, how did they reach there in such a small age? This is a difficult task. What ...
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