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Questions tagged [sandhyavandanam]

Questions about Sandhyavandana (Sanskrit:संध्यावन्दन), a ritual performed three times in a day, as instructed by Guru to Dvija whose Upanayanam is done and Yajnopavita is received.

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10 votes
1 answer

What is the Prayachitta for not doing Sandhyavandanam regularly?

If any twice born student is not doing Sandhyavandanam for many days, then only he realized the importance of Sandhyavandanam, how can he get rid of his sins for not doing Sandhyavandanam for many ...
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Does navagraha tarpana in sandhyavandan reduce the astrological effects?

In sandhyavandan, subsequent to Argya to Sun, we have navagraha tarpana to be offered to nine grahas - aditya, somam, agarakam, budham, brhaspatim, sukram, sanaiscaram, rahum and ketum. When we offer ...
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5 votes
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Sandhyavandan in ashaucha(अशौच)

Ashaucha(अशौच) is a period of time (3 to 15 days) where you are not supposed to perform any poojan to any god because you are not purified/not eligible. There are two types of ashaucha Janana ...
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Performing Pooja, japa etc during wife's monthly period

My question is should the men in the household perform sandhyavandanam,, Pooja and japa when the woman in the family is during her monthly menstrual cycle. We do not have provision to spare the only ...
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11 votes
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Sandhyavandanam for those not initiated (without Upanayanam) using Puranas. It is possible?

Many statements (eg. ŚB 1.4.25) talk of how non-initiated persons (irrespective of caste) cannot follow Vedic procedures, and how for them to read and follow, the Puranas and itihasas were composed. A ...
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9 votes
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Time to perform Sandhyavandanam

Sandhyavandanam is a Nitya karma of every Dvija(twice born). It is performed when the sun and the stars are together visible which means early morning and late evening when the sun is on the horizon. ...
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9 votes
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Which direction should one face while doing Sayam Sandhyavandanam?

Some people say it is not advisable to do achamana facing west, so one should face north while doing evening Sandhyavandanam up to Navagruha Tarpanam and after that one should do facing west till ...
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7 votes
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How can a working class Hindu practically do sandhyavandanam thrice a day?

Sandhyavandanam is prescribed thrice a day for Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas. Back in the day one could perform Sandhya thrice a day. But now after Hindus have diversified and left their ...
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Gayatri mantra mudras?

How to do Mudras before chanting Gayatri mantra? This Quora post gives mantra to unlock Gayatri mantra. This Facebook image describes 24 Mudras to be done next As well as instructions /mantras ...
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Sandhyavandanam during Asoucha period [duplicate]

Can I do Sandhyavanadanam when Ladies in my home are under menstrual cycle ? Because of some unavoidable circumstances, Ladies can not sit separately during their period time. I do 3 times ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Where to perfrom the Sandhyavandhanam and subsequent Japam

Can the Sandhyavandanam and the japam both performed outside the house - in the garden for instance. I find it more peaceful.
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