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Sanskrit an ancient Indo-European language of India, in which the Hindu scriptures and classical Indian epic poems are written and from which many northern Indian (Indic) languages are derived.

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Which was developed first, Sanskrit or Vedas?

I have heard that Vedas used Sanskrit language. In my view, other language may been used to describe Vedas in early days. Or Sanskrit may have been developed for other purpose besides to describe ...
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Where can I locate/download/purchase the "Tara Ashtakam"

Where can I locate/download/purchase a sanksrit copy of the tara ashtakam (तर अष्तकं)? I've seen several english translations and even this sanskrit translation, which seems to contain errors and who'...
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Where is Aum positioned in Devanagari? [closed]

Where is Aum positioned in the Devnagari alphabet? I had assumed that its position was before the vowels and consonants to signify its significance as a sacred syllable. Secondly, Panini, as far as I ...
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What is Bhavabhuti's original Sanskrit quotation "Time is infinite,earth is huge"?

I would like to the original couplet for Bhavabhuti's Time is infinite, Earth is big. Thank you
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What is the meaning of the name 'Malolan'?

The god in the Ahobila temple is called 'Malolan'. Can someone with the knowledge of Sanskrit enlighten me on what the word means?
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Exact meaning of the word "Tejas"?

From the Puranas, one can infer that the meaning refers to either the spiritual aura of a person, facial expressiveness that exudes confidence, vigor or valor, etc. Real Gurus are said be endowed with ...
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Which Alwars praised Vishnu in Sanskrit?

The Alwars (also spelled Azhwars) are a group of 12 ancient Vaishnava saints who lived in Tamil Nadu and are famous for their poetry in praise of Vishnu. The collection of their 4000 poems, known as ...
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Sanskrit: Full shloka of "sā vidyā yā vimuktaye" (translation & English online reference & oral and written author location)

Translation & quest for an English online reference In a post of a certain online discussion group called Advaita-L, Ramesh Krishnamurthy found a reference for the following Sanskrit words: "sā ...
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Did Ravan speak Sanskrit?

One of my Sri Lankan friends claims that Ravana spoke Sinhalese. Is there any place in the Ramayana where the sage Valmiki mentioned about the language of Ravana and his people?
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Is maya connected to the notion of love?

'Maya' as used in the Bengali language, in ordinary usage, as 'affection'. Is it connected to the philosophic notion of Maya ie delusion/illusion. In the Bengali dictionary I looked at there were ...
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Is there a sanskrit term that covers the distinction/similarity between human & non-human nature?

I find it intriguing that in English, nature is used in two interesting ways; that is Nature as in the world around around and all living things; and human nature, which is that conmmon to humanity; ...
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Original sanskrit texts

I am looking for original Sanskrit texts of the Mahabharata, Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita. Is it possible to find scanned versions of these texts online?
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Translation of Sanskrit word in Veda

I am trying to find the literal translation of a word from Book 9, Hymn 42 of the Vedas. I'm wondering whether the pronoun used for "Soma" is singular or plural. In the Hebrew bible, the word for "...
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What were the various reasons of the decline of Sanskrit language in India ? [closed]

Why did Sanskrit decline in India ? What were the various reasons known, for the decline of this language ?
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What language did people at the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata use to communicate? Sanskrit?

What was the mode of communication among the people at the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata? Was it Sanskrit? Did Krishna, Pandavas and Kauravas (who I think had origins near the state of Bihar, where ...
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What is Ayurved's relation with Vedas? [duplicate]

I know, every text book is directly or indirectly related to vedas. This 'Ayurveda', has a 'Ved' in it. By meaning it seems its another type of veda, but being four veda pillared, I didn't found any ...
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Meaning of Sadhu, Sant, Rishi and Muni

Do Sadhu, Sant, Rishi and Muni mean the same thing? How are these terms defined?
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How important is Sanskrit?

I have read/heard in various places that Sanskrit is considered sacred or true or special. These sources sometimes claim that the sounds used to speak Sanskrit have a beneficial effect on the body. ...
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