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What is the source of Durga Chalisa.?

I just saw Durga Chalisa for the first time in my life. I never heard about it before. I am a practising Shakta. But still, I never heard about it. Here is a link. It is in Hindi. What is the source ...
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Chausath Yogini Sadhana : 64 Yogini

Could someone refer me to which Hindu texts explain the details of how to perform Chausath Yogini Sadhana ? There is a lot for this on social media sites, but not sure where they’re getting their info ...
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The twelve Kalis?

Is there a link to a simple explanation of the twelve Kalis in Kashmir Shaivism ? I’m finding contradictory info online. Has some proper Hinduism academic persons or acharya written treatise on this ? ...
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How many sects of Shakta Tantra are there?

How many sects of Shakta Tantra are there? There's one called Sri Vidya. What are some of the other sects or sub-sects of Shakta Tantra?
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Name of the lion vahana of Maa Kamakhya or Maa Durga

What is the name of the lion vahana of Maa Kamakhya or Maa Durga? I have heard the name of the vahana is Mahasingha or Dawon, but is there any scriptural reference that gives the accurate name of the ...
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Looking for english version of the kalika puran.?

Looking to read the kalika puran. What is the best unabridged/critical English translation to get into.? Links or author name will be greatly appreciated.
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Were Vishnu avatarams liberated by Shakti/Siva?

A page on Quora by the name "Dakshina Kali (দক্ষিণা কালী)" commented Matsya was liberated by Matsyasamharamurti, Varaha by Varahasamharamurti, Narasimha by Sharabha, Vamana by Kankalamurti; ...
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How many Devi Sahasranamas are there in scriptures?

How many Sahasranamas dedicated to Devi are there in scriptures?
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Is there any story of Devi like this mentioned in Shakta scriptures?

We know that there are many sects in Hinduism and also each sect has a supreme deity. In the puranas, sometimes we get to see about the compassionate side of the gods/goddesses. In the Bhagavata ...
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