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Shakuni - brother of Gandhari - the main antagonist in the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

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Which later retellings of the MBh suggest that Shakuni's dice were made from Jarasandha's bones?

I know this is a ridiculously niche question, but I'm at my wits' end, and any resource you could provide would help me immensely. I'm working on a translation, and there's a throwaway comment that ...
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How was Shakuni so good at playing dice?

Shakuni is considered being good at dice even though people say that he deceitfully won Indraprastha for Duryodhana. My question is, how is Shakuni so good at playing dice that whatever number he ...
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Gandhari's curse to Shakuni after his death

I read in a recent news article that after the war, Gandhari cursed that Shakuni's kingdom ,i.e., Gandhar, will never have peace. Is this mentioned in the Mahabharat or it's just a folklore? Also this ...
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Teachings of Shakuni

In some translation of Mahabharat, I read a conversation between Duryodhana and Shakuni, but I can't find it today on Google. It goes something like this: Duryodhana asks Shakuni some question. In ...
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Why Pandavas did not kill Shakuni in the first day [closed]

Why did the Pandavas delay killing of Shakuni? Specifically, I think if Shakuni was killed in the first day itself ( which I think was easy), the Mahabharata war would have greatly reduced in ...
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Nature of vidya of dice possessed by Shakuni

Shakuni wins over the game of dice against Pandavas. Shakuni declares that no one can defeat him in the game of dice. Does any statement of Vyasa Mahabharata or any other scripture declare that Vidya ...
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Who killed Shakuni?

Shakuni, son of Subala, was king of Gandhara. In Mahabharata, who killed the Shakuni during the Kurukshetra war?
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Did Dhritarashtra arrest Shakuni and his family?

I read at some point Shakuni had 100 brothers and were arrested by Dhritarashtra, because of hiding first marriage of Gandhari with some tree or something and Dhritarashtra feed them with only one ...
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Why did Shakuni refer Yudhishtira as older than him in age?

Shakuni was Gandhari's brother and hence was alive before Pandavas-Kauravas were born. Now refer following narrative: "Sakuni said,--'One that is intoxicated falleth into a pit (hell) and stayeth ...
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Why was Shakuni cursed by the gods to be evil?

In this chapter of the Adi Parva of the Mahabharata, the births of various notable characters are described. Here is what it says about Duryodhana's uncle Shakuni: Then was born the disciple of ...
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What is the story of Krishna rescuing kings abducted by Shakuni's uncle Nagnajit?

In this chapter of the Udyoga Parva of the Mahabharata, Arjuna delivers a message to Duryodhana, urging him to reach a peaceful resolution to avert the impending war. Arjuna says that if they go to ...
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In the Mahabharata, was Shakuni a good person or an evil person by nature? [duplicate]

All we hear about "Shakuni" is that he's a very bad person. Some also say he is the reason behind the Mahabharata war. I just want to know the real facts about him. Was he good or evil? If he was ...
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Why was Shakuni unhappy with his sister Gandhari's marriage to Dhritarashtra?

It is also said that he was more angry with either Bheeshma, Pandu, Shantanu's ancestors or the whole Kurus line because of the way the Kurus had destroyed his line years before. There is also a ...
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