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0 answers

What is the scriptural reference of Svarnamukhi, Sonebhadra and Sphatik shilas?

We all have seen references to Banalinga and Shaligram in the Puranas but there are 3 more swayambhu shilas Svarnamukhi(for Shakti), Sonebhadra(for Ganapati) and Sphatik(for Suryanarayan) used in ...
12 votes
4 answers

Is Shalagram worship forbidden to non-Brahmins?

According to my parents, Shalagrama worship is forbidden to non-Brahmins. Is this true? There is also a possibility that people who are not initiated with the Yajnopavita are forbidden to worship ...
5 votes
2 answers

How to find defect in a Shiva linga or a Vigraham or a Shaligram

I started performing Shiva pooja of the family pooja which was carried forward from great-grand father to grand father to father to mother and now me. Are there any experts, priests who can see ...
1 vote
0 answers

Can you perform Salagram puja in Sutaka/thudaku

I had a question. I am initiated and perform Sri Salagrama Nitya Puja daily. I am under the instruction to do it daily. What do I do when there is a time of uncleanliness in the family. Do I need to ...
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2 answers

Does srimad bhagvatam and Vishnu puranas mention shaligram worship or tulasi-jalandhar myth?

Is the story of tulsi cursing Lord Vishnu found in any other puranas? Also, is the story on the origin of shaligram only found in non-Vaishnava puranas?
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0 answers

Is it permissible to use store bought milk in shaligrama aradhana?

The dharma shastras have regulations on what type of milk is sattvic and can be consumed: Manusmriti - The milk of the cow that has not passed its ten days, as also that of the camel and of one-...
2 votes
0 answers

Saligraama puja at home

Our parents are doing puja to saligrama since last 25 years. It is a family tradition. My brother is getting married in few months. I want to know if we can we do saligrama puja at home during wive's ...
4 votes
1 answer

How did Vishnu become Shaligrama Stone?

Shaligrama is the most sacred stone for Vaishnavas. There is a story thus of Tulasi cursing Vishnu to become a stone when He polluted Her Chastity to kill Her husband. What is the story of ...
6 votes
1 answer

What is the reason behind ShaligrAma worship?

One of the important worship forms of the Vaishnava are ShaligrAmas. But I am asking this question because they are not normal stones which are used for idols. Actually, these are the fossilized ...