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Son of King Dasharatha and Queen Sumitra and brother of Lord Rama.

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Is kansa from the family of Shatrughna (Brother of lord Rama)

As commanded by lord Shri Rama , Shatrughna becomes the king of Mathura after killing Lavana. So now Shatrughna is the king of Mathura. I want to know that , is kansa from the family of Shatrughna as ...
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Why didn't Bharata and Shatrughna help Rama in the war against Ravana?

Hanuman (on the way to Lanka while he was carrying Sanjivani) had told Bharata that Lakshmana was in great danger, Sita was kidnapped and Rama was at war with Ravana. Still Bharata and Shatruhgna didn'...
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Role of Shatrughna in Ramayana?

What was the Shatrughna (Lord Rama last brother) role or Significance in Ramayana?
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