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Clarification for verses 40-46 in Chapter 10 of Shiva Geeta

In Shiva Geeta Chapter 10, Verses 40-46 speak of Jiva Swaroop and Atman and Paramatma in the following way: For the Jiva, in the wakeful state when the enjoyments of Karmas decline, moving away from ...
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Are these 2 lines of Shiva Geeta still valid in the Kali Yuga?

Shiva Geeta Chapter 1, verses 9, 10, 11 and 12: नित्याग्निहोत्रिणो विप्राः संति ये गृहमेधिनः त एव सर्वफलदाः सुराणां कामधेनवः [9] भक्ष्यं भोज्यं च पेयं च यद्यदिष्टं सुपर्वणाम अग्नौ हुतेन हविषा ...
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