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Can we use conch shell (shankh) during the worship of Lord Shiva?

I know that as per the story (like found in Shiva Purana: Rudra-saṃhitā: Yuddha-khaṇḍa: Chapter 40) of Shankhchud killed by Shiva, it was banned from his worship. But still I have seen many people, ...
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How do we know Rudra is Shiva with literary evolution from Vedas to later literature? [duplicate]

I consider myself belonging to Shaktism, so I see Shiva as one aspect of Paramātmā. I have seen that unanimously, the Vedas (including Shaiva Upaniṣads) say that Rudra is Brahman. So, Who is this ...
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is Kashmir Shaivism/Shakti advaita logically coherent?

The premises of these two schools (Kashmir Shaivism and Sri Vidya and kaula shaktism) are essentially the same: the infinite, omniscient, omnipotent, perfect consciousness limits itself to become the ...
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What are the philosophical differences between Vishishtadvaita Vedanta and Shivadvaita Vedanta?

Vishishtadvaita, as we know, is a Vedantic philosophy propogated by the renowned Sripad Ramanujacharya. The philosophy is subscribed mainly by Sri Vaishnavas, Ramanandi Vaishnavas and Swaminarayan ...
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Are there any mantras for each of the twelve jyotirlingas

Are there any specific japa mantras for each of the twelve jyotirlingas? Are they mentioned in any sacred text?
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Did Basavanna really conduct inter caste marriage?

Some leftists argue that Basavanna was a social reformer and did not see difference in castes. They also argue that Basavanna did not worship temple Gods ,but Veerashaivas argue that these facts are ...
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