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11 votes
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Why do we celebrate Maha shivratri festival?

Every year we celebrate Maha Shiva Ratri Festival and every time one question roaming in my mind and that is "Why"? Why do we celebrate this festival? Every Festival have its meaning but I don't ...
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1 answer

What is the importance and concept behind Masik Shivratri?

I found the following date calendar for Masik Shivratri, till date I was only aware of Shivratri and Maha Shivratri but Masik Shivratri is totally new for me. So wanted to understand the importance ...
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Maha Shivaratri in Margashira or Magha masa?

In this answer it is stated that Shivaratri is celebrated in Margashira masa (Dec). But Shivaratri festival is celebrated in Magha masa (Feb-Mar). Why the celebration in a different month? Are there ...
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staying awake during shivaratri

It seems people seem to be mentioning benifits of staying awake during the MahaShivatri festival. What is the time in the morning till which they have to stay awake? Does it end after midnight 12 o'...
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Mention of Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi as Masik Shivratri Tithi in Hindu Shastras other than Skanda Purana?

Aside from one previous reference I found in the Skanda Purana (What is the importance and concept behind Masik Shivratri?) is there any additional reference to Masik (monthly) Shivratri in the Hindu ...
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