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vedas were written earlier? "Endued thus with the attributes of Tamas and Rajas, the two Daityas possessed of might and armed with maces, immediately after their birth, began ...
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Are all Upanishads shruti?

Are all 108 Upanishads considered shruti? Or is it just the Mukhya Upanishads that are considered shruti?
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Is Lord Brahma described as 4 faced in the Vedas?

In the Puranas we have several references for Brahma having four faces - Ex - ŚB 9.1.9 Is there any reference of Lord Brahma having 4 heads in the Vedas? Is it a later added part in the puranas? ...
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Is Brahma said to have 4 or 5 heads only in the itihasapuranas?

Is it true that in shruti works, Prajapati, Hiranyagarbha and other forms of Brahma are not said to have multiple heads?
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regulations in Kali Yuga regarding hearing the vEda

It is discussed in the question here: Definition and ritualistc rights of vrAtyas in the present day that mostly everyone except the brAmhanas are vrAtyas (and thus entitled to the rights of sUdras). ...
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Ancient rishis had deep infoscience knowledge

The protection of the correctness of Veda passing from generation to generation already discussed here. However there is an invention that shows pandits already knew important stuff now used in ...
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What is the Śruti status (Prāmāṇya) and dating of Mahopaniṣat? Is it accepted by sects other than Vaishnava-s?

The text seems to be of a much later date than mukhya and other old upaniṣads complied before common era (BCE) e.g. Mahānārāyaṇa, Śvetāśvatara etc. as it is supposedly the conversation between Śuka ...
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