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Dasam Granth being offensive on Hindu Gods

I came across a post about Dasam Granth saying the following: I do not seek the blessings of Ganesh, I do not worship Krishna or Vishnu. I do not recognize them. I am engrossed in the loving devotion ...
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Are Sikh gurus the incarnations of Janaka?

I found the following interesting line while reading The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna by Swami Nikhilananda Sri Ramakrishna accepted the divinity of Buddha and used to point out the similarity of his ...
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Was Guru Nanak an avatar of Janak raja?

Was Guru Nanak an avatar of Janak raja, father of Maa Sita of Ramayana and Bramha gyani?
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What are necessary and sufficient conditions for being a Hindu, if they are to make Jains, Sikhs, etc. non-Hindu? [duplicate]

What parameters are used to classify Jains Sikhs Buddhists etc as Non-Hindu?
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On what basis/definition/Minimum Parameters the Sikhism is considered as a separate religion than that of Hinduism?

Many scholars have stated that the Granth contains specific references to Hindu gods such as Rama and Krishna. Guru Arjan Dev, the fifth Guru, declared: “Na koi hindu na koi mussalman" (No one is ...
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Do Hindus think two Sikh clans are descended from Lava and Kusha?

It is said in Sri Dasam granth, authored by Guru Gobind Singh, that the Bedi and Sodhi clan of Punjab are descendants of Kush and Lav respectively, the sons of SriRama. It is said the Bedis got ...
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What are the differences and similarities between Sikhism and Hinduism?

What are the differences and similarities between Sikhism and Hinduism?
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Did Guru Tegh Bahadur really save Hindu religion?

I have heard from fellows, who are Hindus, that Guru Teg Bahadur laid his life to save Hindu Religion. As per Chronicle, Teg Bahadur expect Kashmiri pundits to convert to Sikh Faith I.e to reject all ...
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