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Where is it said that Yudhisthira gave 2640000 slaves to Brahmins for sexual purposes?

Where is it explicitly said that Yudhisthira gave 2640000 slaves to Brahminsfor sexual purposes?
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Slavery in Ram Rajya

Here ओशो-राम-राज्य-कैसा-था Osho is claiming that there was slavery in the Rama's time and women were bought and sold. Are there any verses that mention the same or any proof that there was slavery ...
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If slavery is immoral, why did Yudhishthira donate slaves to Brahmins? [duplicate]

So, I was browsing here and found a post which supposedly said that Yudhishthira gave female slaves to a bunch of Brahmins. Slavery is obviously immoral and is even condemned in several scriptures so ...
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