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Questions tagged [soma]

This tag is for Soma, which is a drink, derived from a plant that's now unknown, that played a crucially important role in Vedic ritual; the Soma Yagna, in which Soma was offered to the gods, is extensively discussed in the Vedas and it was the chief Vedic method of worshipping the gods. Not to be confused with the [chandra] tag.

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Did the Kalasha of Amrta held by Dhanvantari basically contain Soma?

In the Rg-Veda, only the concept of Soma existed, with "amrta" being an adjective/epithet of the Soma drink. I wonder, when Dhanvantari rose from the ocean of milk, was the amrta basically ...
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Why does Chandra ride a chariot pulled by antelope?

I am just trying to understand the broader symbolism of Chandra Dev and they say he is often depicted being pulled in a chariot with three wheels with up to 3 or more white horses or sometimes by ...
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Does singing about certain things offend gods?

For example, does singing about the Moon, or a sing with lyrics referring to the Moon, offend Soma, the Lord of the Moon? EDIT: I wish to specify that I do not mean a song sung in praise or worship, ...
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Why is Lord Shiva called Soma?

Sri Rudram hymn of YajurVeda is one of the most popular hymn from the Vedas. 8th Anuvaka of Sri Rudram has a special significance because of the revelation of the Panchakshari Mantra “Namaha Shivaya”. ...
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Where in the Vedas does it declare as “Agnisomatmakam Jagat”?

I know “Agnisomatmakam jagat” is mentioned in Mahabharata and in a few Upanishads and other texts but where in the Vedas is this principle declared. Which Veda? Which verse and which hymn?
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What phase of moon is represented by crescent on the head of Bhagwana Shiva?

As discussed in Why lord Shiva has a crescent moon on his head? and Why is Moon on Lord Shiva's head only shown as crescent?, we know that a crescent is always shown on head of Shiva. It's not a full ...
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How did Soma contract pulmonary consumption?

It says that after Soma was born he developed tuberculosis. Was it literal tubercolosis was it just a part of his inability to do certain things a certain way?
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Is it True that Manu prohibited drinking liquor, even the Vedic juice of soma? [duplicate]

I've heard that Manu laid down strict rules for the prevention of drinking. He ruled that even a seller of soma, the stuff regarded as the holiest drink by Rig-Vedic gods, does Not deserve to attend ...
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Discrepancy in Tarakamaya War as described in Padma Purana

Tarakamaya war was the 5th of the 12 wars fought between Devas and Asura. The background was as follow : Maharishi Atri performed very difficult tapasya. So difficult was the tapasya that Atri’s ...
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Reunion of Lakshmi and Vishnu after Soma's Rajasuya

Chapter 23 of Matsya Purana tells that after the completion of Soma's Rajasuya nine devis abandoned their husbands due to kama and served Soma( who in turn desired them like his own wives). Among them ...
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Did the Soma drink contain psilocybe cubensis?

Russian archeologists claim to have discovered the recipe of Soma or Haoma. How strong is this claim?
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Is Soma Really a drink Or a Metaphor For Vedic Immortality?

Soma is considered a Juice which was Prepared by our Ancestors by Herbs of the leave of a plant.It is one of the most famous Drink In Vedas And In Rig veda whole Mandal 9 Is attributed to it. But ...
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Are som rasa and Madhu different kind of juices (alcohol?) or are they the same thing?

I've been reading puranas, and at many places the demi gods take part in somapanam which might be some kind of juice or wine, but the word for hard alcohol in Sanskrit is madhu. So my question is ...
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What is soma mentioned in vedas? [duplicate]

What is soma mentioned in vedas is it ritulastic drink it is said that it causes immortality but it is taken by humans too so is it devine knowledge as only the knoledge of self or both self and ...
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How many Vedic hymns are attributed to Soma?

We see that the Soma (plant and its extract) is one of the chiefly mentioned subjects in the Vedic literature. Especially in the rig veda there are many mantras and hymns dedicated to soma and its ...
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What is Soma? Is it a drink or a metaphor for spiritual bliss or both? [duplicate]

The whole Mandala 9 of Rig-Veda is devoted to the Soma. My question set is as follows. What is Soma? What is its importance? Are there both interior as well as exterior somas? I've read about ...
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Which rituals need Soma? If the Soma plant is extinct, is there any substitute for it?

Importance of Soma An entire vedaic mandal is named after soma (a special type of drink), the soma mandal of Rigveda. Now my question is why is soma given so much importance why in vedic suktas like ...
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What does Samaveda verse mean?

Sāmaveda (the 527th verse of the Sāmaveda) reads: सोमः पवते जनिता मतीनां जनिता दिवो जनिता पृथिव्याः । जनिताग्नेर्जनिता सूर्यस्य जनितेन्द्रस्य जनितोत विष्णोः ।। sōmaḥ pavate janitā ...
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What is the "ancient statute" referred to in the Rig Veda?

Soma is a drink, derived from a plant that's now unknown, that played an crucially important role in Vedic ritual; the Soma Yagna, in which Soma was offered to the gods, is extensively discussed in ...
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