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Are there any specific Mantras mentioned in scriptures that reduce sexual lust?

My question is more pertaining towards sexual lust/desires/infatuations. I want to know if our scriptures have mentioned specific Mantras or something related that can be done by a devotee to reduce ...
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Is there anything like spiritual impurity in Hinduism?

Is there anything like Spiritual Impurity (hindi: आध्यात्मिक मलिनता, ādhyātmika malinatā ) in Hinduism? For eaxample: Are there any such acts/deeds (committed voluntarily or involuntarily), besides ...
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Lustful Thoughts

Someone enlightened me with their answer to lustful thoughts and god being antaryami observes each and every thought. These thoughts are said to be innate and with practice can be controlled to attain ...
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what should i do about the hearing voices in my head? [closed]

I am suffering from hearing voices problem every second (similar to schizophernia) since 2020. the voices are saying that they are ghosts or spirits. someone send them as to harm me. they ghosts are ...
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Can God be angry with their devotees? Help me [closed]

well, my spiritual life is very complicated. Since I became a Hindu, it took me a long time to reveal this to my family. Almost two months ago, I made a promise to Narayan that I would reveal my faith ...
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How grave a crime is it to do ritual without perfect purification and observance?

In Kaliyuga and now it is impossible to as perfect ly ritually pure as in the past. Does this mean that sitting with or entering places where non- vegetarian food is served makes them impure? How does ...
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Inspiration from the Gods- any examples today?

By meditating deeply on God/ gods, can we become more effective in our work and professions. Are there any examples today? That is important because we have to finish our job in best way, before going ...
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