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Questions tagged [sri-vidya]

In ShAkta tradition, Shri vidyA is a distinguished path which is related to understanding the shiva-shakti tattvas by special worship. The upasana is dedicated to Sri lalita (Lalita tripurasundari). Considered as one of the highest paths in shaktism.

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4 votes
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Do we have a Trishati Namavali for Varahi?

Do we have Trishathi Namavali (a stotra consisting of 300 names) for Varahi? I heard it's there in "Uddamaresha Tantra" (not Uddamareshvara Tantra). If anyone can provide any information it will be ...
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Can I chant these stotras without initiation?

Can I chant 1. Mantra matruka stava and 2. Mantra matruka pushpamala stava without initiation as these contain panchadashi mantra (which is to be practiced only after initiation under the guidance of ...
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6 votes
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Whats the chanting benefits difference between shuddha pandashi, saubhagya panchdashi, laghu shodashi and mahashodashi?

What are the difference in terms of chanting benefits between main version of panchdashi ? Shuddha, saubhagya (bala embedded), laghu shodashi, maha shodashi. ( i suppose there are ghuya n para also ...
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Importance of worshipping Maha Meru or Sri Chakra

Can someone please enlighten the importance of worshipping Sri chakra. I have a few friends who worship at home. What are the things to remember when we worship.
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Who was Sri Vidya guru Pujyasri Bhaskara Raya?

In the modern times, Pujyasri Bhaskara Raya Makhin is well known and respected by all shaktas across the country. His contribution to Shaktism and other shastras is phenomenal. Is there any details ...
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Are the Sri Yantras that are devoid of color fillings defective?

Sri Yantra is probably the most well-known among all yantras. It is also called the king of yantras. The presiding deity of the yantra is Sri Lalita Mahatripurasundari or Sri Rajarajeswari Devi. A ...
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