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What are the नव व्याकरण​ ( Nava Vyakaranas )?

Hanuman is known as Nava-Vyakarana-Pandita (master of 9 grammars). What are these 9 vyakaranas ? Vyakarana is one of the 6 Vedangas. We know the famous : Maheshvara Sutras -> Panini Ashtadhyayi -&...
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What does this sutra of the Apastamba Dharma Sutras mean?

This is the Sutra: If they have begot sons, let them. say to them: 'Go out from amongst us, for thus the Āryas, (throwing the guilt) upon us, will receive you (amongst their number). Does ...
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I know my pravara and veda, can I find out my veda shakha and sutra?

I am Rigvediya "karnakamma" telugu brahmin of kamakayana visvamitra gotra, pravara being vaisvamitra daivasravasa daivatarasa. From this information could I find out my veda shakha and ...
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Is Āpastamba giving non-initiates the right to recite certain parts of the Véda in the below given sū́tra-s?

In Praśna I, Paṭala 1, Khaṇḍa 2 of the Āpastamba-dharma-sūtrá Āpastamba states, one who has not been initiated before the required time (1.1.28-36), should recite the seven Pāvamānīs (Şākala-saṁhitā́ ...
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Are there any older commentaries on Narada Bhakti Sutras?

I want to study Narada Bhakti Sutra.Are there any old and popular commentaries on the Narada Bhakti Sutra?
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What are Bhakti Sutras? How many Bhakti Sutras are there?

I have heard of Narada Bhakti Sutra and Shandilya Bhakti Sutra. These are canonical Sanskrit treatizes on Bhakti Marga (Devotional Path). How many Bhakti Sutras are there? I have also doubt about how ...
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When was Asvalayan Grhya Sutra written?

I was interested to know about the composition date of this Grhya Sutra. I tried to search it Composition date but it was nowhere available.
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