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What is the origin of bengali Hindu Swastika?

Swastika is an important symbol for almost all Dharmic faiths. Particularly in Hinduism, the symbol of Swastika is pretty much constant through out the world(unlike Om which have different symbol in ...
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Is there any mention of Swastika in Vedic mathematics? [closed]

Is Swastika possibly a physics or mathematics symbol, like ohm or pi?
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What does this symbol mean?

The above images shows Swatika in the centre with different astras and a deity around it. What does it signify? Please provide the scriptural reference.
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Is the mirrored image Swastika forbidden or inauspicious?

There is already a question about the significance of the swastika and Pandya's answer describes it in detail, but one part of it says : Note: only right Swastika is almost used and reverse (left) ...
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Swastika in Scriptures

Swastika is Auspicious symbol for Hindus. I have only heard about the significance of Swastika no solid proof from Shastras. Where is swastika mentioned in Yagna Rituals specifically Yajurveda if it ...
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What is the significance of the swastika?

The swastika symbol is used in many ceremonies, such as the yagya, among others. What is its significance? Also, what is the correct direction for the swastika? This or its mirror image?
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